Paul Aballo VP of Construction Read More

Martin Abt CM-LEAN, CM-BIM, LEED AP, LEED AP BD+C Superintendent

Frank Allard Project Executive

Gerry Allard Superintendent

Stephen Angell Senior Estimator

Steven Avery CPA VP of Finance Read More

Michael Babbitt PHIUS Mechanical Coordinator

Michael Baca MEP Superintendent

Mark Bangs Project Scheduler

Michael Bartomioli III CM-LEAN Project Manager

Peter Beltz PE MEP Project Manager

Timothy Bemis CM-LEAN, PHIUS Assistant Superintendent

Jimmy Bendokas LEED AP Senior Project Manager

Charles Benjamin Project Engineer

Bruce Berube Assistant Superintendent

John Bilodeau Electrical Coordinator

Terri Birmingham CM-LEAN, LEED AP Senior Project Manager

Kosta Bitsis CM-LEAN, LEED AP VP of Special Projects/Project Executive Read More

Nicholas Bitsis CM-LEAN Assistant Superintendent

Joseph Bolton Senior Project Manager

Craig Bolton Senior Project Manager

Brandyn Botelho Assistant Project Manager

Peter Botehlo Senior VDC Manager

Emily Brenner Assistant Project Manager

Al Brideau CM-LEAN, LEED AP Project Manager

Ryan Broadbin Senior Project Manager

David Brown Senior Site Safety Manager

Michael Camp Superintendent

Kathy Carbone Assistant Project Engineer

Damien Carini CM-LEAN, LEED AP Senior Project Manager

Brianna Carpenter VDC Project Engineer

Timothy Carraher CM-LEAN Superintendent

Dayana Cassamajor Project Engineer

Jose Chankuk-Pinto Project Engineer

Luigi Ciarleglio Assistant Superintendent

Timothy Cohen Engineering & Architectural Project Manager

Derrick Correia LEED GA, AC Project Engineer

Lori Corsi AA/EEO OFFICER VP of Administration/ Director of Accounting Read More

Elizabeth Coté LEED GA Project Scheduler

Megan Curtis Graphic Design Manager

Community Involvement

Our employees are actively involved with local and national charitable organizations.


Claire Daigle PHIUS Assistant Project Manager

Jeffrey D'Attilio LEED GA, CM-LEAN Senior Project Manager

Ashley DeBarros Purchasing Administrative Assistant

Joe DeBartolomeo Assistant Superintendent

Jody DeCarolis Senior Site Safety Manager

Margarita Delaporta Project Engineer

Anthony Dematteo VP of Business Development and Marketing Read More

Stephen DePaola MEP Senior Project Manager

Brent Derrick CM-LEAN Superintendent

Vincent Devito Systems Engineer

Matthew Dieterle CM-LEAN, LEED GA Assistant Project Manager

Bradford Dimeo President/CEO Read More

Brett DiPetrillo Project Engineer

Christopher Doepper LEED AP Project Executive

Scott Eaton CM-LEAN, LEED AP, PHIUS Senior Project Manager

Shannon Evans Payroll Administrator

Kristin Farley PHIUS Estimator

Kevin Ferreira LEED GA, PHIUS Project Executive

Michael Fuchs VP of Preconstruction Read More

Pablo Garcia CM-LEAN Engineering and Architectural Project Manager

Our Work

Our profile of work is extensive and balanced across market sectors.


Luke George Director of Purchasing

Edward Giesbrandt Superintendent

Christopher Grieco Assistant Project Manager

Justin Griffith CRIS Site Safety Manager

Brett Gunn Senior Estimator/ Planner

Julia Hall Community Compliance Coordinator

Peter Hamill Self-Perform Project Manager

Lara Hayes Proposal Manager

Denise Helides IT Service & Support Manager

Samuel Hochman Project Engineer

Bruff Hoff Superintendent

Mark Jaquith CM-LEAN, LEED GA Project Manager

Daniel Johnson LEED GA Project Manager

Daniel Joubert Site/Civil Estimator & Coordinator

Emma Kellar CM-LEAN, PHIUS Assistant Project Manager

James Kohnke CM-LEAN, PHIUS Assistant Project Manager

Bob Kunz Corporate Safety Director Read More

John LaRose LEED AP Senior Project Manager

William LaRose Assistant Purchasing Agent

Krista LaScola Cost Control Manager

Join The Team

If you are interested in joining the Dimeo team, please email


Cindy Ledoux Marketing Coordinator

Bob Letendre Self-Perform Project Engineer

Bruno Longhi Site Safety Engineer

Alexandra Lund Project Engineer

Lindsey Machado Cost Control Manager

Tikori Mahdi Project Engineer

Jeffrey Mansfield Superintendent

Jarmo Mantyla Superintendent

Gregory Manzolillo CM-LEAN Assistant Project Manager

Michael Manzolillo MEP Assistant Superintendent

Patrick Markwarth Superintendent

Michael Marocco Superintendent

Raymond Martin Director of IT

Jaclyn Mason Assistant Project Engineer

Christopher Mazzulli MEP Superintendent

Daniel McDavitt LEED AP Senior Site Safety Manager

David McKinnon CM-LEAN, PHIUS Assistant Project Manager

Jonathan McNulty Project Manager

Jack Messier CM-LEAN Project Manager

Michael Morgan Superintendent

Jeffrey Morris Project Manager

Gwenn Morrow Executive Assistant

Jared Novinski CM-LEAN, PHIUS Project Manager

Patrick O'Brien Business Development Manager

Daniel O'Connell LEED GA Estimator

Jeremy Oliveira Assistant Superintendent

Blair Oliver CM-LEAN Construction Manager

Edison Ortiz LEED GA, CM-LEAN, PHIUS Assistant Project Manager

Christopher Paradis LEED AP MEP Project Manager

Diane Payne Cost Control Manager

Douglas Peckham PE, LEED AP VP of Boston Operations Read More

Nathan Pedersen Site Safety Manager

Matthew Pelczar LEED GA, CM-LEAN Project Manager

Patrizio Persechino VDC Manager

John Peterson MEP Project Manager

Vincent Pilla CM-LEAN Purchasing Agent

Andrew Piquette Assistant Superintendent

Kevin Pluta Superintendent

JoEllen Racicot Site Safety Engineer

Christopher Rose Estimator

Frank Reynolds PHIUS, LEED GA Director of Estimating

Christopher Romano Director of Project Pursuits

Curtis Ruotolo, PE Site/Civil Estimator & Coordinator

Stephen Rutledge Chief Operating Officer/Executive VP Read More

Joseph Ryan Project Manager

Matthew Sabetta CM-LEAN Assistant Project Manager

Erik Sanford LEED AP, CM-BIM, CM-LEAN Director of VDC/BIM

Andy Schiff LEED AP, LEED AP BD+C, CM-LEAN, PHIUS Senior Project Manager

Sebastian Spinali Superintendent

Pamela Stahowiak Cost Control Manager

Daniel Sullivan Superintendent

Ivery Tanner Assistant Project Engineer

Shawn Tivey Superintendent

Joseph Tomasino A/E Coordinator

Mark Toper Assistant Superintendent

David Ucci VDC Project Engineer

Ryne Wallace MEP Assistant Superintendent

Jarod Wasserman Senior Estimator

Erika Wezenski LEED GA Project Engineer

Patrick Williams MEP Project Engineer

Audrey Witt Marketing Consultant

Kerri Zavistoski LEED AP Project Manager