Lean Construction

Minimizing Costs, Maximizing Value

LEAN Construction is a systemic approach that minimizes costs and maximizes value through identifying and reducing variation, waste and eliminates buffers throughout the entire project Lifecyle.

Dimeo teams apply LEAN approaches to identify efficient work structuring through combining concurrent activities, utilizing Just-in-Time (JIT), prefabrication, and modular production strategies. We employ various LEAN tools such as Choose by Advantage, the Last Planner System, including weekly make-ready, work planning and daily huddles to ensure safe best value outcomes for our clients and project teams.

Virtual Design & Construction

A Model For Success

Team collaboration is a critical element to the success of any project. Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) are powerful catalysts in supporting continuous collaboration among clients, designers, construction firms, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Throughout the entire project effort, we deploy several virtual approaches and applications such as 4D simulations, laser scanning, automated estimating, 3D coordination and clash prevention, logistics plans, QA/QC reviews, and as-built documentation.
Utilizing visual collaboration we are more effective in arriving at better decisions and achieving our goals more predictably.


Measure Twice, Cut Once

Dimeo’s preconstruction team focuses on engaging the owner and design team to ensure that project risks are planned for and that the best building investment value is realized. Our preconstruction planning capabilities are facilitating development of a well-aligned scope of work, quality documentation, alternative systems and sourcing options, competitive cost and an expedient timeframe for construction.

We can ensure this commitment through our highly practiced in-house preconstruction resources. This team's capabilities encompass all disciplines including mechanical, electrical and plumbing; master scheduling; value management and constructability analysis; sustainability support; logistics planning; long lead procurement; and competitive sourcing.


A Wealth of Knowledge & Experience

Dimeo’s purchasing team serves as an independent resource to our project teams and clients throughout the scope, bid, subcontract award, GMP development process. Its status, as part of our preconstruction group, features an important standard regarding the importance of consistent point of communications, independence and integrity during the sourcing process.

Dimeo’ purchasing team maintains continuous pulse with the market of subcontractors, vendors and suppliers and works with our owners and project teams to identify and prequalify the best suited candidates to bid a project. Their ability to engage the SMWBE and workforce community and attract highest levels of small contractor participation is a further testament to the level of respect the marketplace holds for a Dimeo led project.

Safety & Logistics

Safety First, Second And Last

Dimeo’s Safety and Loss Control Program has been highly effective in maintaining safe and productive job sites, with extensive recognition and industry leadership, including the Blue Level award from the Rhode Island AGC/OSHA sponsored CHASE Partnership, and the Harvard National Safety Standards. Additionally, all Dimeo field supervisory personnel are OSHA 30-hour trained.

Dimeo’s corporate safety philosophy encompasses a “Prevention Through Design” mentality. This commitment ensures we maintain a zero-accident tolerance level and the safest work environment, while assuring that our teams realize a high level of personal satisfaction.



Dimeo professionals implement a proven QA/QC strategy from the point of inception of a project to achieve the intended quality standard specified. The QA/QC plan addresses organization, credentials and responsibilities of QA/QC team, use of outside consultants and on-site personnel. Key tenets involve coordination and submittal procedures, licensed fabrication and installation, protection of stored materials, MEP systems performance & testing, field-based corrective work tracking, and quality control verification in conjunction with each definable feature of the work. The entire QA/QC process is digital codified and communicated to team members on a real time basis.



Dimeo has long been an industry leading participant in the effort to support and build sustainable buildings. We understand the importance of sustainable construction and its critical impact on creating cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient, environmentally conscious environments in which to live, work and learn.

A successful sustainable construction project begins with development of a clear strategy for level of attainment early in the design phase and continues through to completion with a diligent and comprehensive documentation and testing program.

To date, Dimeo has completed over 11 million sf of sustainably credential equivalent and LEED certified buildings and has over 1.5 million sf of additional projects under construction that are anticipated to achieve formal and informal credentialing levels of energy and use efficiency.



Dimeo views the period of substantial completion, commissioning and turnover as the real indicator of how well we have performed our duties as your construction manager.

At Dimeo, we have long maintained a formalized program, beginning early in design and continuing throughout procurement and construction for defining and actively managing the deliverables for the entire team including owner building management staff, subcontractors, specialty consultants.

Comprehensive systems commissioning, building turnover and post-construction performance of a project are as critical as the actual construction process.