PFIZER- Various Projects

Groton and New London, CT


approx. 220,000 sf


various architects

Since 2002 Dimeo has completed various renovations and fit-ups on Pfizer’s Connecticut campuses in Groton and New London. Our first project, Building 260 renovations, included reconfiguring open space to create new offices and installation of new MEP systems.

Subsequent projects have included:
B-288 Lactam Expansion Labs, which encompassed renovating existing vivarium and procedure spaces; showers; locker rooms; and lab areas for analytical, chemical and pharmaceutical lab research and development, including a product development cubical area. The mechanical systems required modifications and safety and filtering devices for the building air systems were installed.

B118E PSREL Facilities Upgrades, which involved relocation of the process safety and reactions engineering labs (PSREL), including extensive demolition of the existing space; revamping of the HVAC system including a roof top mounted HVAC unit; installation of resinous flooring, metal casework, fume hoods; and upgrades to the fire protections and fire alarm systems.The Building 118C P5 Weighing and Sample Laboratory encompassed the renovation of an existing lab space and storage room to support an Isolator. The space required the MEP system to be reconfigured due to the negative air requirements of the Isolator equipment. The Building 118 Gen Pharma, Phases I & II project consisted of the complete gut and renovation of existing laboratories. Phase II involved complete interior lab renovation including HVAC components and lab casework.

Additional projects have included expanding the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) laboratoryKHTC Perimeter Security Upgrade; removal and replacement of an existing product freezer; PGRD Security System Upgrade; W115 LAT Relocation, consisting of interior lab renovation and relocation; Building 260 IT Optimizationincluding complete renovations of all architectural finishes and IT upgrades; 114GO Learning Center involving renovation of office space into training offices; 118 W Advanced Library Tech., Phases I & II with renovation and modification of lab space; and the NLC1 Training Center Renovations.