Dimeo is an engaged participant in the effort to support and build sustainable buildings. We understand the importance of sustainable construction and its critical impact on creating cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient, environmentally conscious environments in which to live, work and learn.

To date, Dimeo has completed over 6.0 million sf of LEED certified buildings and has over 1.5 million sf of additional projects under construction that are anticipated to achieve LEED certification.

A successful “green” construction project begins with development of a clear strategy for level of attainment early in the design phase, and continues through to final completion with a diligent and comprehensive documentation and testing program.

Dimeo incorporates many elements of sustainable construction, such as natural landscaping, sorting and control of construction debris, rainwater harvesting, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and recycled-content materials, and commissioning as prerequisites and basic project practices. In addition, Dimeo has over 60 LEED trained and accredited personnel who are successfully helping implement USGBC LEED accredited projects in working with state and federal agencies, design teams, engineers and subcontractors.