IKEA – New Retail Store

Stoughton, MA


346,000 sf


Greenberg Farrow Architecture

This new 2-story building is situated on a 28-acre parcel with parking for 1,300 vehicles. More than 80% of the spaces are located either below the store or in the attached parking deck. The building features multiple showrooms, a first floor café, a second floor restaurant and a convenient supervised childcare center. The building also houses a large merchandise warehouse and extensive facilities for IKEA employees.

This project utilized green practices and received LEED certification.

Just one point shy of Silver Certification, this new retail store was the first IKEA in the United States to receive LEED Certification by USGBC. The building’s green roof features 37,000 sq. ft. of low-maintenance groundcover plants. The plants keep the roof cooler and absorb rainwater, which is diverted into a storm-water retention system and reused to irrigate landscaping around the store. This also helps minimize roof water runoff that would wash oil and dirt into storm-water drains. The precast parking deck was built from 90% recycled steel and concrete, and more than 75% of the construction debris was recycled. Additional elements of the green design include skylights in the warehouse that reduce the use of artificial lighting, use of energy efficient bulbs, sensors, and timers, and use of low VOC adhesives, sealants, carpeting and composite wood.