The groundbreaking ceremony took place took place in a lot overlooking the development site and downtown and was a momentous day for the city of New Haven. The event celebrated breaking ground on 500,000 square feet of mostly already-leased bioscience lab, research, and meeting space that will help knit together downtown with Yale’s medical campus and the Hill neighborhood beyond, and directly provide 700-1,000 jobs…

Dimeo Construction Company was recently awarded the new 500,000 SF twelve-story office and life sciences research development facility located at 101 College Street in New Haven, CT. The building is designed by Elkus Manfredi Architects and in addition to the new building, will feature a parking area for 116 vehicles, loading docks at service drives, and site improvements including a semi-public outdoor courtyard, sidewalks, and streetscape improvements.

This building is being constructed over the existing east and westbound lanes which provide access to the parking garages and buildings to the west of the project. To allow continuous access during construction, the eastbound lane will be taken out of service (with the westbound lane turned into two-way traffic), so that the foundations and new tunnel can be built. Once in place, traffic will be transferred to the newly created eastbound tunnel to allow the balance of foundations and construction of the westbound tunnel. After all the structural concrete is placed at the subterranean levels, the superstructure will commence with 10 stories of occupied space and 2 levels of mechanical equipment. The fa├žade is a combination of stick-built curtainwall at the lower levels and a unitized system with glass and terracotta at the upper levels. Some ornamental metal panels highlight the entrances and building shadow lines.

Construction is anticipated to be complete in June 2023.

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